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Чемпион НБА Джереми Лин пожертвует 500 тысяч долларов на борьбу с COVID-19


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Чемпион НБА Джереми Лин пожертвует 500 тысяч долларов на борьбу с COVID-19
Баскетболист Джереми Лин / Фото: @jlin7 / Официальный аккаунт Джереми Лина в Instagram

Бывший игрок Национальной баскетбольной ассоциации (НБА) Джереми Лин пожертвует 500 тысяч долларов на борьбу с коронавирусом.

— Я запускаю кампанию по борьбе с COVID-19 под названием #BeTheLight, в рамках которой я пожертвую 500 тысяч долларов и сделаю дополнительное пожертвование, аналогичное сумме пожертвований остальных участников, — написал баскетболист на своей странице в Instagram.

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I NEVER EVER make post these types of videos but times are different. Im launching a COVID-19 campaign called #BeTheLight where I'll be donating $500,000 and matching an additional $500,000. But it isnt about my donation which isnt even a drop in the bucket for what the world needs. We need unity! Aside from money theres other ways to get involved (my @playerstribune article in IG story, donation link in bio). Tbh I don't blame anyone who has bitterness, confusion, anger or hate. Thats normal. My hope is we all recognize and sit with those emotions, but I also pray that bitterness turns to heartache which turns to empathy and which ultimately turns to action! Imagine the person in the hospital bed struggling to breathe. Imagine the person who cant even see their loved one fighting for their life. Imagine the person grindin day and night as a frontline worker tremendously at risk. Who can't go home and see their family and children fearing to infect them. Imagine the person who can't sleep at night because there's no food for their next meal. Who can't provide food for their children. Imagine the person whose small business and lifelong dream shut down. Imagine the person who is fighting depression and suicide due to the lockdown. Try to imagine all those hurting in ways we don't even know about. Lets put ourselves in others shoes, but thats not enough. We must step up and help now! #BeTheLight 💡 p.s. I didnt put it at the end of the article but when this is all said and done, in n out on me! ❤️

Публикация от Jeremy Lin 林書豪 (@jlin7)

Лин в разные годы своей карьеры выступал за «Голден Стэйт», «Нью-Йорк» и «Хьюстон». В 2019 году вместе с «Торонто» спортсмен стал чемпионом НБА.

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